Work From Home Online

Hello “Albert” here.

Here’s a quick video that talks about that online stuff that I mentioned briefly.
Either when I talked with you or you sent me an SMS (Mobe) to my mobile.

Either way have a listen and see what you think.

If your interested just follow this link below


I've worn a few hats over the years, started out as an apprentice electrician, then joined the Army (should have stayed with that) I did some other stuff, laboured on as a concrete form worker, went to a Bible college for a short while, then got into health care. Started as a hospital orderly, we were called wardies back then. Really enjoyed working in the operating theatres, this is where I met my wife at work. She caught my eye, turned my head. When we were in the hospital lift together, I used to hit the emergency stop button just to have some one on one time with her. The rest is history. Several years later I trained as a registered psychiatric nurse, and eventually became an RN in QLD Australia. These days I now only work part time in aged care. But my real passion though is online in Internet Marketing. I just love it... I made my first few dollars online was when I created a small website, only several pages long with one page per keyword using a WYSIWYG program. (What You See Is What You Get) kind of like using a word document. I wanted to test out using Google Adsense and I made my first few dollars online around about $33.00 online. Making money online was a real Buzz and I remember the feeling of being ever so “EXCITED” From that moment on I was hooked. After that I just wanted to learn all that I could about Internet Marketing (Making Money Online) I bought numerous programs and tried all kinds of different stuff online. And over time I learned heaps and heaps. Then one day I discovered the Warrior Forum. This was where I made my first $500.00 online simply by leveraging a product I'd bought for $27.00 That's a ROI (Return On Investment) of about 18/1 - Try and get that type of return in the world offline. Best of luck there. Since then I started to zero in on a few online marketers that I follow and mimic what they do online. Someone told me that Anthony Robbins called this “Modelling” Find someone that's successful, and do what they do. And so, that's what I've been doing online. It's an amazing exercise to do, because it broaden's your mind. And you begin to realise that they're just ordinary people just like you and me, only difference being is that they were wanting to change their circumstances and better themselves financially by doing something different online, and they took decisive action. Which is something that the majority of people are just simply not willing to do. And so the vast majority of people go about their daily working in servitude in other people's businesses. Exchanging their most valued possession, which is THEIR TIME in exchange for a few lousy dollars per hour. The majority being unable to leverage their efforts. (No work = No Pay) But working online is certainly not for everyone, it requires dedication, time and effort. But at the end of the day, the rewards can be outrageously crazy ridiculous. I've seen it unfold before my very own eyes and there ain't no turning back. But, and this is a BIG BUT !!! You have to figure out your WHY! Because if you just chase the money, it'll elude you. After all money is just a tool, but it's a tool that'll enable you to “Live Life On Your Own Terms” and not have to live your life in servitude to others in a JOB earning just a few dollars per hour in exchange for your time. Time that you'll never ever have again, when instead if money were not an issue for you, then instead of working your life away for someone else. You could be doing whatever you really wanted to do instead of going to work nearly everyday, as most people do. My “WHY” is to be Financially FREE...... To be able to retire my wife from her work, as well as myself. To travel and live where ever, when ever we please. To FREE up my two son's (Jon) and (Dave and Summer, his wife) To own a really NICE HOME, on a Large and Beautiful Block of Land, Swimming Pool. New Cars, a Motor Home, Quad Bikes, And grandchildren that I can enjoy... To be continued..........

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